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ProxyCon Keyscan Compatible Key Fob (C15001 36-bit)

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Compatible with Keyscan ProxKey III  C15001 36-bit format fobs.

ProxyCon high quality proximity fobs are designed for professional access control systems. ProxyCon key fobs incorporate HID 36-bit C15001 proximity technology into a small, easy to carry device. They are entirely interchangeable with HID 36-bit formatted Keyscan C15001 key fobs and come fully programmed with your programming information and no additional programming cost.


• 125 kHz proximity card.

• Easily attaches to a key ring, badge clip or badge lanyard.

• Built to withstand harsh environments - Water resistant.

• 39 mm x 35mm x 4mm

• Detecting distance: 3-10cm.

• Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

Bit Format: 36 (125kHz) / C15001
Facility Code: (0-255) 
Card Number Range: (0-65 535)

Compatible Products: HID 1346, Identiv 4082 and Schlage (XceedID) 7610

Compatible HID configurations: 1346LSSAN, 1346LSSBN, 1346LSSCN, 1346LSSMN,1346LSSNN, 1346LSSRN, 1346LSSSN, 1346NSSAN, 1346NSSBN, 1346NSSMN, 1346NSSNN, 1346NSSSN

1346 LSSAN, 1346 LSSBN, 1346 LSSCN, 1346 LSSMN, 1346 LSSNN, 1346 LSSRN, 1346 LSSSN, 1346 NSSAN, 1346 NSSBN, 1346 NSSMN, 1346 NSSNN, 1346 NSSSN

 ***Please add special instructions to the notes section on the order checkout page if you would like custom Facility Code and Card Numbers when ordering. If you do not specify a Facility Code or Starting Number when ordering, default Facility Code & Starting Number will be used.