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ProxyCon DSX Compatible PVC Adhesive Tag (HID 1391 MicroProx Tags - D10202 33bit format)

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Compatible with DSX D10202 Format 33-bit Fobs/Cards.

ProxyCon high quality proximity tags are designed for professional access control systems. ProxyCon 3M adhesive tags are made from PVC with an adhesive back to turn any surface into an access control card. ProxyCon proximity tags incorporate 33-bit D10202 proximity card technology into a small, easy to carry device. They are entirely interchangeable with 33-bit formatted key/card fobs and come fully programmed with your programming information and no additional programming cost.


• 125 kHz proximity card

• PVC Material with 3M adhesive back

• Performance equivalent to other 1391 disc

• 3M glue adhesive

• Dimensions: 20 mm

• Detecting distance: 3-10cm

Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects.

Bit Format: 33 (125kHz) / D10202 
Facility Code Range: (0-127) 
Card Number Range: (0-16 777 215)
Compatible Products: HID 1391 Micro Prox and Schlage (XceedID) 7010 

 ***Please add special instructions to the notes section on the order checkout page if you would like custom Facility Code and Card Numbers when ordering. If you do not specify a Facility Code or Starting Number when ordering, default Facility Code & Starting Number will be used.